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MasterTop 200

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    MasterTop 200
    Metallic-aggregate dry-shake surface hardener

    How does MasterTop 200 work?

    MasterTop 200 is an iron-armored, ready-to-use cementitious dry-shake floor surface hardener. It utilizes specially treated, sized, and graded metallic aggregate. Applied over evenly distributed, finished and freshly leveled and floated concrete to improve wear and impact resistance for industrial concrete floors.

    Recommended uses:

    • Where hard composition or steel wheels on equipment are commonly used
    • Airplane hangars (light-reflective formulation)
    • Electronic assembly plants (light-reflective formulation)
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Warehouses and distribution centers
    • Warehouses AGV aisles
    • Shipping and receiving areas
    • Maintenance facilities

    What are the unique features of MasterTop 200?

    • Light-reflective formulations
    • Increased abrasion resistance
    • Versatile finishes
    • Greater impact resistance than plain concrete or mineral aggregates
    • Strictly controlled and specially treated, and graded iron aggregate
    • Creates a high-density surface
    • Color options available

    What are the benefits of MasterTop 200?

    • Reduce energy costs and lighting requirements
    • Provides abrasion resistance that is up to 4 times greater than mineral aggregates and 8 times greater than concrete
    • Ranges from smooth to textured
    • Protects slab surfaces and joint edges
    • Provides uniformity and consistent finishing sized, characteristics
    • Easy to clean and maintain; resists liquid penetration; reduces wear on the wheels of material-handling equipment
    • Including energy-saving, light-reflective formulations

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Master Builder Solutions

    2023 CSI-RI